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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

45 in 45: Day 10

My sunburn has subsided enough to stop wearing pants.  So I took the opportunity to wear my favorite summer dress.  Paired with a wide belt to make me look super skinny (best investment EVER) and a blazer to look more polished.  Of course, I can’t forget my signature bow headband.  The black flats are suede on the outside and have sheepskin on the inside and are more like slippers with a sole than anything else.  I grabbed them for $6 from Target last winter and have almost worn them through.  Each article of clothing I am wearing today is my favorite, and together they make the perfect outfit year round.

Below are pictures from my new room!!  Much more comfortable than the tent. ;)

This is the awesome view from my window (don't mind the gross screen!)

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