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Friday, June 10, 2011

45 in 45

This is becoming my summer of challenges.  First it was No Poo, then 101 in 1001, and now it’s 45 in 45.  That means I have 45 articles of clothing (including shoes, not including belts, jewelry, under-things, or workout clothes/pajamas) for 45 days.  I can only wear those pieces.  This will be interesting.  This challenge is inspired by the blog Kendi Everyday who is doing 30 in 30.  At Culver, I wanted to pack lightly and only bring the necessities while I’m in my interim housing in the forest, and was planning on bringing more later when I move into my actual dorm.  Now, I plan on skipping the extra load of clothes and rethinking my current collection.  Luckily, I am an expert packer and have a diverse mix of light summery pieces, neutral work clothes, and a few basics (do hot pink ballet flats with rhinestones count as basics?)  Anyway, I have these clothes and these clothes only until July 25.  I will try to post pictures everyday to keep track.  I’d love your feedback on what you think of this latest challenge as well as feedback on any of my outfits!

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