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Monday, June 13, 2011

45 in 45: Day 4

This morning it was impossible to get out of bed.  It doesn’t help when the alarm clock on your phone is being twitchy and doesn’t really work.  Luckily, I woke up on time anyway.  But then the actual process of pulling myself out of bed was extremely difficult as it was FREEZING in my cabin.  I was wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a t-shirt and curled up under a thick comforter and a doubled-over blanket and still shivered most of the night.  It also didn’t help that I did not pick out my clothes the night before, so there was even less temptation to get out of bed.  Finally, I wrapped a blanket around me and shuffled out of bed, once again reaching for thick wool socks, black pants and boots.  In order to keep my outfit looking summery I paired a lightweight flowery eyelet tank with a short sleeve grey sweatshirt blazer.  This blazer was the seat of all impulse and extravagant buying, I shelled out an entire paycheck at Lucky Brand for the blazer and a pair of jeans.  FYI, this was part 1 of Christy and I’s matching outfit habits.  Even after I shimmied into my layers of clothes, I was still freezing, so I pulled on a hoodie over the whole thing, grabbed my backpack, and rode my bike to work.

I should have walked through the gym sooner, I bumped into about 10 people I knew, all staying in woodcraft cabins.  Looks like I won’t be so lonely after all. J

And you really can't beat the sun setting over Culver while your feet are dangling in Lake Max.  I wish these pictures did justice, but they don't.  I've resolved that I will try to watch the sun set every night, and maybe tomorrow I will bring my real camera to take pictures, or maybe I'll just take a friend.


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