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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Internship Update!

Since I've only been posting my daily outfits, I thought I'd take this time and update everyone about my fabulous internship.  :)

I'm still doing a lot of grunt work, but now it's mixed in with a lot of brainstorming, social media, and I'm even writing a business proposal!  I've learnt a lot about wire frames and what goes into remodeling a website.  There's a surprising amount of thought, effort, and careful studying to decide how a page is going to be laid out.  During bouts of brainstorming, my opinion is actually solicited and valued, which wouldn't happen if I was interning at a big firm.  The second coolest part about this internship is that, since I'm working with the Communications department of my high school, they are constantly asking my opinion on things about when I was a student, and a lot about now that I am a recent alum.  The absolute coolest part, is that it's halfway through my second week and I'm already writing a business proposal which I am going to present to the deans of my school and could possibly change Culver, do a lot of good in the world, and look awesome in my portfolio.  I don't think I can talk about it yet, but if I get it approved, I will definitely tell you ALL ABOUT IT, because it's pretty flipping sweet.  Tomorrow, I get to sit in on a conference call about Culver's brand management and brainstorm on how to alter the brand and raise awareness.  I wish I had taken my Brand Management class this past semester instead of the semester coming up so I could add valuable feedback on the call tomorrow, but now at least I will be able to bring experience into my class in the fall!  All in all, I'm absolutely loving my internship!  Even the cabin and the woods and the little kids are growing on me.

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