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Saturday, June 4, 2011

101 in 1001

In my month off of school and working, I have a lot of time on my hands.  So I've began to read feverishly, everything.  I have read 2 of the 3 Lauren Conrad books (as many of you know I'm obsessed with her), and the 3rd should arrive in Monday's mail.  I have re-read the Princess Diaries series for the millionth time.  I have even read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and A Separate Peace by John Knowles, so it's not just easy beach reads.  I have also taken up blog reading.  I used to read only 2 blogs everyday, and now I'm up to 11, plus 2 YouTube channels.  And that list is growing quickly, for every blog I add to my daily repertoire, I read at least 10 others to see if they make the cut.  In one of the blogs I have recently added, I came across an entry about The Day Zero Project.  You make a list of 101 things you want to do, and you have 1,001 days to do them.  I thought this was fantastic.  So I'd like to share with you my list of 101 (although I only have 88 things, so comment any suggestions you have!!)

What do you think about this challenge?  Would you ever want to do something like this?

       101 in 1001

 1.   Workout 15 times in one month
 2.   Wear no makeup for one week
 3.   Stay up all night
 4.   See a chiropractor
 5.   Get a Brazilian wax
 6.   Walk, run, or jog a 5k
 7.   Take vitamins daily for 1 month
 8.   Get a massage
 9.   Get a facial

 10.   Spend under $10 on a meal and leave a $10 tip
 11.   Leave notes in a Post Secret Book
 12.   Send flowers to my mother
 13.   Buy something from Etsy
 14.   Donate to charity
 15.   Buy an original piece of artwork
 16.   Donate to a homeless person

 17.   Complete a no spend month
 18.   Pay off my credit card
 19.   Save at least $2,000
 20.   Put away $5 for each completed task Food and Drink
 21.   Go to a restaurant by myself
 22.   Try absinthe
 23.   Give up pop for 1 month
 24.   Give up meat for 1 month Fun
 25.   Attend a Post Secret Event
 26.   Skydive
 27.   Go to a museum
 28.   Go to a farmers market
 29.   Apply for a reality tv show
 30.   Go berry/apple picking
 31.   Create a scrapbook of Babson
 32.   Go horseback riding
 33.   Go to a concert
 34.   Go on a picnic
 35.   Attend the midnight premiere of a movie
 36.   Go ice skating
 37.   Go skinny dipping
 38.   Go to a zoo
 39.   See a drive in movie
 40.   Carve my name in a tree
 41.   Sing karaoke
 42.   Go barefoot for 1 day
 43.   See a horse race
 44.   Write a message in a public bathroom
 45.   Go to see an opera
 46.   See a play/musical on Broadway
 47.   Perform a Chinese fire drill
 48.   Go to a football game
 49.   Own a pair of Louboutins
 50.   Visit an amusement park
 51.   Swim in an ocean

 52.   Get a real job
 53.   Get a drivers license
 54.   Live alone
 55.   Graduate college
 56.   Start my own business

 57.   Go to a movie by myself
 58.   Go to a mall for two hours and don't buy anything
 59.   Shoot a gun
 60.   Watch 26 movies I've never seen, starting with each letter of the alphabet
 61.   See 10 classic movies
 62.   Go fishing
 63.   Take a photo of the same place every month for 1 year

 64.   Read 1 book a month for 12 months
 65.   Write a cookbook Spirit
 66.   Attend mass every Sunday during Lent
 67.   Be single for 2 months
 68.   Send a secret to Post Secret
 69.   Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
 70.   Learn a poem by heart
 71.   Dance in the rain
 72.   Answer the "50 Questions that will Free your Mind"
 73.   Don't swear for a whole week
 74.   Say yes to everything for 1 week

 75.   Give up Facebook for one month
 76.   Write in my blog 20 times in one month
 77.   Print my digital photos and organize them into albums
 78.   Buy a watch

 79.   Go to Europe/ Austria
 80.   Go to Mexico
 81.   Fly first class
 82.   Go camping
 83.   See LA
 84.   Visit New Orleans
 85.   Sleep under the stars
 86.   Go on a road trip
 87.   Ride a gondola in Venice
 88.   Attend the Kentucky Derby

The blog I got the idea from is Suburban Sweetheart, I got a lot of my ideas from her. :)

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