under construction, yo! Greenbeans and Moneytrees: Life List

Life List

 1.   Workout 15 times in one month
 2.   Wear no makeup for one week
 3.   Stay up all night
 4.   See a chiropractor
 5.   Get a Brazilian wax
 6.   Walk, run, or jog a 5k
 7.   Take vitamins daily for 1 month
 8.   Get a massage
 9.   Get a facial

 10.   Spend under $10 on a meal and leave a $10 tip
 11.   Leave notes in a Post Secret Book
 12.   Send flowers to my mother
 13.   Buy something from Etsy
 14.   Donate to charity
 15.   Buy an original piece of artwork
 16.   Donate to a homeless person

 17.   Complete a no spend month
 18.   Pay off my credit card
 19.   Save at least $2,000
 20.   Put away $5 for each completed task 

Food and Drink
 21.   Go to a restaurant by myself
 22.   Try absinthe
 23.   Give up pop for 1 month
 24.   Give up meat for 1 month 

 25.   Attend a Post Secret Event
 26.   Skydive
 27.   Go to a museum
 28.   Go to a farmers market
 29.   Apply for a reality tv show
 30.   Go berry/apple picking
 31.   Create a scrapbook of Babson
 32.   Go horseback riding
 33.   Go to a concert
 34.   Go on a picnic
 35.   Attend the midnight premiere of a movie
 36.   Go ice skating
 37.   Go skinny dipping
 38.   Go to a zoo
 39.   See a drive in movie
 40.   Carve my name in a tree
 41.   Sing karaoke
 42.   Go barefoot for 1 day
 43.   See a horse race
 44.   Write a message in a public bathroom
 45.   Go to see an opera
 46.   See a play/musical on Broadway
 47.   Perform a Chinese fire drill
 48.   Go to a football game
 49.   Own a pair of Louboutins
 50.   Visit an amusement park
 51.   Swim in an ocean

 52.   Get a real job
 53.   Get a drivers license
 54.   Live alone
 55.   Graduate college
 56.   Start my own business

 57.   Go to a movie by myself
 58.   Go to a mall for two hours and don't buy anything
 59.   Shoot a gun
 60.   Watch 26 movies I've never seen, starting with each letter of the alphabet
 61.   See 10 classic movies
 62.   Go fishing
 63.   Take a photo of the same place every month for 1 year

 64.   Read 1 book a month for 12 months
 65.   Write a cookbook 

 66.   Attend mass every Sunday during Lent
 67.   Be single for 2 months
 68.   Send a secret to Post Secret
 69.   Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
 70.   Learn a poem by heart
 71.   Dance in the rain
 72.   Answer the "50 Questions that will Free your Mind"
 73.   Don't swear for a whole week
 74.   Say yes to everything for 1 week

 75.   Give up Facebook for one month
 76.   Write in my blog 20 times in one month
 77.   Print my digital photos and organize them into albums
 78.   Buy a watch

 79.   Go to Europe/ Austria
 80.   Go to Mexico
 81.   Fly first class
 82.   Go camping
 83.   See LA
 84.   Visit New Orleans
 85.   Sleep under the stars
 86.   Go on a road trip
 87.   Ride a gondola in Venice
 88.   Attend the Kentucky Derby

In the process

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