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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Hair, You're Just a Little Bit Cruel...

Last night, I meandered onto a pier with three old friends to watch the sunset.  What resulted was three very wet, very cold alums and a girlfriend looking on in horror to see if she was next.  It was a blast.  I haven’t had that much fun in a very long time, until Jimi lost his class ring in the lake.  Luckily, we went out with a metal detector and found it.  Phew!  Last night left me with an extremely limited amount of sleep and lake-washed hair.  I expected this morning to wake up with a terrible bird’s nest hair and throwing it up in a careless ballerina bun before rushing off.  What I actually found were perfect ringlets, evenly distributed volume, and no frizz.  I added a small barrette and left five minutes early because of my luck.  This turn of events is making me wholly reconsider all hair-regimens I have developed.  Towel-drying or no towel-drying, plopping, no poo, spending way too much money on a flat iron, and any spray developed.  Why spend all this time and dedication on your hair when all it really needs is a dip in the lake?


  1. see this post for pictures :)