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Friday, June 10, 2011

Communications Internship: Week 1

After June 7, 2009, I never thought I would return to Culver, Indiana ever again.  But alas, two years exactly from the day I left Lake Max I started my new internship.  I am now officially a Communication Intern at the Culver Academies.   I was not sure what this would include exactly, but I knew I would learn a lot of valuable experience and I would have a good time.  As someone once said, “Culver is a cross between summer camp and a high security prison.”  As a student, this is absolutely true.  Except it doesn’t really feel like a summer camp in frigid January weather with the Lake effect snow and wind constantly blowing your skirt up.  However, I am not returning as a student, and thus am no longer locked into my room at 9:45 at night and not allowed to wear shorts and tank tops.  So I thought, maybe this won’t be so bad.  In fact, I was almost excited to return “home.”  Although my cabin is “rustic,” it’s actually growing on me.  It’s been very rainy, so the bugs aren’t around and it’s pretty cool to the point of cold, so it’s not that bad. 

My actual internship is very cool.  By the end of day one, my work was featured on the front page of culver.org (the PhotoShopped commencement photo).  There is some grunt work of copying and organizing every page of the website into files, but once I put my headphones in, I’m in my own little world.  I have gotten the chance to sit in on team meetings and brainstorming sessions, where my opinions and thoughts were actually listened to and valued.  Next week, my boss said we can have a meeting and talk more about social media and brainstorming.  He told me that he wants to utilize my viewpoints as a student and now as an alum.  The Communications department’s general goal is for more Culver people to be involved and in touch with the school.  For all the Culver readers, do you ever look at the Culver website or their Facebook/Twitter?   Do you want to know more about Culver and how do you want them to contact you?

I’ll keep posting updates on my internship and what I’m doing, but so far, my first week is a total success.

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