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About Me

My name is Mary and I am a junior at Babson College.  I am studying business with hopes to go into fashion, ideally become the CEO of a major fashion corporation.  I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and refused to wear anything but frilly dresses until age 7.

My sense of fashion is a New England prep with an infusion of hipsterness and constant InStyle browsing.  I am constantly reading fashion blogs and everyday I find more and more that I like, it's really a full time job.  I shop at every store that sells clothes, and a lot of times, my friend's closets.  I am completely a shopaholic, and unfortunately have no budget to support my vice.  I adore high heels and have a ton of them, and can't walk in any of them.  It is completely sad.  I want to raid Blair Waldorf and Lauren Conrad's closet.  I think if they morphed together I would explode in jealousy of wanting to be them.  They are completely my style.

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