under construction, yo! Greenbeans and Moneytrees: September 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am the president of the Republican club, which is cool I guess, but I'm quickly learning that you actually have to be political, which is like mehhhh.  But I'm trying to keep it light and being more of an organizer than an instigator.  All next week (Sept 19-26) we have a room in the student center and we are going to be in there 24 hours/day for homework help, video games, popcorn, and potentially a debate.  So we'll see how that goes.  I am helping out in a play called The Laramie Project which is a series of interviews surrounding the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay student from University of Wyoming.  It is incredibly heavy and dark, but has light and is important.  The show is on October 4th at 12:30pm, please contact me if you would like to buy a ticket.  I am also starting a radio show this year.  I used to be involved in the campus radio station, but fell out last year.  Now, I am back involved in it and will be co-hosting a show with my friend Hiba.  I will keep you posted about when the show will be and what we will be doing with it.  Although not a club, I am the VP of Sales at RaneeC LLC.  I have blogged about the fabulous RaneeC tights in the past.  As the VP of Sales, I recruit and advise sales reps around college campuses (if you're interested, let me know!!). This is a great opportunity to not only get my feet wet in fashion, but also in a start up company.  So far, it has been a really great experience.  I am still involved with the Babson Players, which is the on campus theatre group, but I am not a part of their fall play because I am going back to Culver for CGA 40th the weekend they are performing.  Which is okay, I can be a part of their spring productions.  Plus, I still go to all of the parties, which is all that counts. :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Retail Management is amazing.  I am learning so much about retail strategy and this has really solidified my interest in going into retail after college.  Negotiations has already taught me that law is definitely an option.  I can seamlessly switch between aggressor and mediator.  I really love that class, particularly that it only meets once a week.  Strategic Problem Solving is....interesting.  It is a required course that I was moderately intrigued by, and it turns out that my professor is apparently famous in the consulting world and blogs for Forbes.  Pretty cool.  It's a lot of case reading which I'm not so thrilled about, but we have some pretty interesting discussions.  My Fundamentals of Acting and Improvisation class is hysterical, and awkward.  My professor is my cousin Leah's doppelganger, I was peer-pressured by my best friend to take this class, my ex-boyfriend makes public digs at our former relationship, and there are some incredibly awkward exercises during class.  But, it's amazingly fun.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I never watched TV in high school.  But since then, I have realized that watching a couple of shows can be a major stress reliever.  Unfortunately, a "few" shows has turned into "a lot" of shows.  The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, 2 Broke Girls, 90210, New Girl, Charlie's Angels, Grey's Anatomy, Suburgatory, and of course Gossip Girl.  The Vampire Diaries season premiere was this past Thursday and it was ah-mazing.  More gruesome than before, but the men seem to have gotten hotter and Caroline and Tyler have FINALLY hooked up. rawrface.  The Secret Circle series premiere followed Vampire Diaries and it was pretty strange. A new girl comes to town and finds out she's a witch and she's the 6th generation with all these other kids and there's a creepy guy (there's always a creepy guy), and there's some major sexual tension with this one pretty hot guy, but it's really not enough to keep me interested I think.  So I'm pretty sure that will drop off my list.  2 Broke Girls is a new series starting next week with Kat Dennings (from Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist) and Beth Behrs.  Basically Kat plays a working class girl and Beth is the spoiled-rich-but-cut-off girl working together in a Brooklyn restaurant.  I think I'm going to like this show because I pretend I'm rich, but am working class, and I adore Kat Dennings, and have a certain affection for dumb blondes like Beth's character.  90210 is a show I've been with since the beginning and it has had it's ups and downs.  It's pretty good if you're a sucker for the tribulations of spoiled rich high school kids, which I totally am.  The series premiere was last Tuesday, and it was pretty good.  Started off with a bang, definitely.  New Girl:  Zooey Deschanel, enough said.  Charlie's Angels, I love Minka Kelley, but I'm not sure it will fit into my repertoire, so I'm curious to see if I actually like it.  I never used to like Grey's Anatomy, but then last summer I watched it all and was hooked.  It's so emotional, and I am an emotional trainwreck, so I'm a fan.  I cry seriously almost every episode.  Suburgatory I need to watch the premiere and find out more about it, but I love all things related to Suburbs.  So I definitely want to check it out.  And Gossip Girl, ahhh Gossip Girl.  I love it.  I aspire to be Blair Waldorf.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

This is My Life.

Per usual at Babson, school has started and a whirlwind has taken over.  I no longer have time for things such as sleep, talking to loved ones, and usually homework.  In the middle of the third week, I am spread too thing and have seriously black bags under my eyes.  But this sacrafice is not for nothing.  My classes are interesting, my activities are heating up, and this season's TV shows haven't even started yet.  This week I'll be posting updates about everything, so look forward to that!  ....Unless you're not into knowing my life story, in which case, you're dumb for reading this blog... jaykayyyyy!  but seriously.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

What I'm Wearing..

Dressing for a steamy, chance of rain day is difficult.  Classrooms are air conditioned as a matter of an icebox, outside is hot and humid, and throwing in a posible rainstorm for part of the day (of course not the part of the day when you are getting dressed).  It was just a mess.  I paired a lightweight, but super warm when necessary, cashmere sweater with an incredibly lightweight summery skirt.  I matched the sweater with my boots and headband, and then kept makeup light and matte.  Generally, I thought this outfit was a success.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Junior Year Dorm Room (Video)

I like my stuff.  I am part pack rat, part shopaholic, part OCD, so my own personal space is important to me.  I love decorating my room and seeing my favorite pictures and knick-knacks.  This year, I have a single dorm in the beginning of Greek Row, located in the center of campus.  This year, there are few hills between me and my food and classes, thank god.  I look forward to a 30second walk to dinner and ease of wearing heels because I don't have to worry about losing my balance trekking up the mountain that is Coleman Hill (keep in mind I am from Chicago, where you can see the tops of corn stalks, and nothing else, for as far as the eye can see.  My room is fairly small this year, but it is just enough space for me to keep organized.  I was planning on painting the walls lavender but Facilities has not delivered the paint yet, so when they do I might just paint various cinder blocks to avoid a total room overhaul and messiness. It will always be a work in progress, but it is my work in progress and I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out thus far.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I'm Wearing....Real First Day of Class

Thursday was my real first day of class.  And full day of class.  I was on the move straight from 9:45-5:00 and then a kickoff dinner for my consulting project.  Although I seriously regretted wearing the heels on my first, particularly hectic, day back, I was a fan.  And I did get a ton of compliments on them in every class.  So I guess it's a win.

My day was absolutely hectic, but I'm glad.  It was completely overwhelming in a good, typical-Babson way.  My classes seemed interesting and all of my professors had spunk and character that I like.  This semester will definitely kick my butt, but in a really good way.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I'm Wearing..

Yesterday was the first day of class for my junior year of college, well kindof.  Technically, classes started yesterday.  But instead, I worked all day and had one class at night for "Fundamentals of Acting and Improv," so it's debatable if you count that as a class day.  Today will be difficult though, I have class straight from 9:45-5:00.  The day starts with a 2 1/2 hour Negotioations class, followed by Retailing Management and finally Strategic Problem Solving.  As Strategic Problem Solving Ends, I have to instantly appear at a kick off meeting because I am starting a consulting program where I observe a real business, discover their weak areas, and solve their problems.  After that, I can drag myself back to my room and crash.  I don't know how it's possible, but I've been here for 2days and I'm already exhausted.

To show off for my first day of non-class, I wore Express shorts, with a glitter Express tanktop and The Limited white button down.  The shoes are from Bakers.

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