under construction, yo! Greenbeans and Moneytrees: No Poo- Day 26

Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Poo- Day 26

Today is day 26 of my No Poo challenge.  And a challenge it has been.  Last week was the worst week, by far.  When I left my hair curly, it was completely greasy, unmanageable, and disgusting.  For most of the week I simply threw my hair up in a bun.  When I brushed my hair out and straightened it, the roots looked greasy, but was not too bad.  After straightening it, I rubbed baby powder into all of my roots, and then it was all good and fine.  Tuesday night, I used the baking soda + water = shampoo method during my shower and although kind of a pain in the butt to work through all of my hair, it felt clean.   Ya know that feeling when your hair feels squeaky clean?  It was just like that, but better since I haven’t felt that way in a month now.  Afterwards, I used the apple cider vinegar + water = conditioner method.  It was not as difficult to work through my hair as the baking soda, so maybe it just requires practice.  I was really worried about the smell though.  Apple Cider vinegar definitely smells better than regular vinegar, but it definitely still smells rank.  Luckily, once diluted with water then rinsed out, my hair didn’t smell like anything. Phew!  I wore my hair curly on Wednesday and straightened it Wednesday afternoon.  My hair was not greasy at all and looked like fresh, clean hair.  It was awesome.  I asked my friend if it smelled, and they said that it smelled like my perfume (I spray it in my hair, the scent lasts longer) and hair; neither of which were bad scents.  I will probably only use the baking soda/vinegar method once a week or as needed and then wean myself off of that too.  My goal is to have no hair products when I study abroad next spring.  I’ll keep you updated, but I strongly recommend the baking soda and vinegar concoctions, they really definitely are worth the trouble.


  1. You should try the Deva Curl Products, they have a "shampoo" called no-poo that works well, and cleans the hair great.

  2. Thanks! I just looked it up and it seems very cool (and a lot easier than mixing my own stuff!) I'm going to try to find it near me!