under construction, yo! Greenbeans and Moneytrees: 45 in 45: Day 1

Saturday, June 11, 2011

45 in 45: Day 1

Today started absolutely miserable.  It poured and poured and lightening-ed and thundered all night.  It woke me up several times and I’m determined I have a leak somewhere in the cabin, but I have yet to locate it.  I’m sure it will emerge in time.  It did not let up an ounce this morning.  I had pre-planned my outfit for “casual Friday” with jeans, but decided to dress them up with a cashmere sweater, bow headband and hot pink ballet flats.  But after waking up to a damp room with pouring rain, I reached for warm wool socks and leather boots which I use as fancy rain boots.  It finally stopped raining around 10am  and brightened up outside to the point that my office had a lunch excursion and ate by the lake.  I’ve decided to go home for the weekend to pick up some more essentials, so when I got back to my cabin I immediately adjusted my clothes for the warm weather, and am now wearing navy mesh shorts, a light blue button down, and a grey cardigan.  I promise it actually looks a lot cuter than it sounds, although the shorts and shirt are both pulled from my Culver uniform…

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