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Monday, July 11, 2011

What I'm Wearing

This dress is an LC Lauren Conrad dress that I got on sale at Kohls for $30 and I never seem to wear it.  I loved it at the store last summer and thought it was going to be my staple fall dress, but even now I’m just not sure.  The ruffles never seem to fall right, the chiffon material seems to dressy, the waist never looks right, adding a belt cuts the ruffles oddly, and I’m just not sure burnt orange is my color.  I combated all of my issues with this dress by adding a casual sweatshirt blazer and fun glitter sandals that match the pewter skinny belt.  The long necklace makes the ruffles seem less stifling around my boob area, and I think the result came out nicely.  I am finally happy with how this dress looks.  Now I just have to stick with this outfit or brainstorm more ways I can use this dress.

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