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Friday, July 8, 2011

How to be Polished.

I go to a business school and if you are wearing anything less than this season’s trends, you are scoffed at. When I’m at home or slumming it watching Gossip Girl, you betcha I’m in yoga pants, hoodie, and hair like Bozo. But during class days, I have to be on my game. I’ve found that adding a cardigan or blazer to anything is an instant upgrade. Designer jeans really do fit better than $20 jeans, but when there’s a heavy detail on the pocket, it looks like you stepped out of junior high. American Eagle is fairly inexpensive has really great fitting jeans. Dresses are an instant put-together move, it’s an outfit in one piece. You’ll always look polished in a structured, well-fitting LBD, I found mine at Nordstrom for $25 and I wear it at almost every business meeting.

I find heels are a pain to walk in and stick by 4 staple shoes: detailed sandals (I like the ones with the strap in the back, makes it easier to walk in than flip flops), simple black flats (my faves have sheepskin on the inside, Target $6), brown loafers, and caramel brown riding boots.

As far as makeup goes, I’m blessed with clear alabaster skin, so I stick to waterproof black eyeliner, light mascara, Burts Bees chapstick, and bronzer. It takes me max 3 minutes to do my makeup. I keep a small hairbrush with me and between classes or during bathroom breaks I wipe off any spreading eyeliner and give my hair a quick brush. I have crazy curly hair which is great for texture and throwing my hair in a pile on the top of my head, but I prefer straight hair on important days because it’s shinier and looks more polished.

When you’re on the run, go for big (but face-framing) sun glasses and a coffee cup. I don’t know why, but these accessories always seem to look good.

The most important thing is confidence. It may sound cheesy, but you can definitely tell the difference between a confident self-assured woman and a unhappy woman. Stand up straight in a mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful, because you are!

*This post was inspired by Already Pretty's post on being Perfectly Polished.
How to Be Polished

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