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Friday, July 15, 2011

Cargo Bronzer Review

A few months ago ULTA discontinued my everyday bronzer and I just about died.  Bronzer is my only salvation of not looking like an albino.  I took a trip to my local Sephora and asked the makeup artist for a bronzer that won’t make me look like Snookie.  He handed me the Cargo Medium Bronzer.  It gives me color, but not too much that it looks unnatural.  There’s a shimmer, but just a hint, that makes it look like a sun-kissed glow.  The consistency is great, super silky and easy to apply.  The packaging has caused a lot of controversy in the reviews, but I personally love it.  I think it’s a very classic tin and very study.  I am the worst with throwing things in a big bag and having compacts break, but Cargo has definitely kept up.  The bronzer is $38, but for $39 you can buy the set which comes with a full size bronzer, kabuki brush, and adorable travel case  that looks like an international envelope.  I use this bronzer constantly and love it.  Last week, I turned my girlfriend onto the same one and she also loves it.

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