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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Microtrend: TIGHTS!

Babson College is not normal.  Not only are we business students, but we're very fashion forward.  Only the baseball players wear sweats to class and fashion magazines are swapped around dorms like Mono throught high school.  Every day is a fashion show in Babson Park, MA and one trend that has taken the campus by storm are patterned tights.  Living in New England can get pretty gruesome during the winter months, but that's no excuse to dress down.  Instead, girls rely on tights to keep their yogalaties/zoomba toned legs warm.  My friend Rannee saw this tight obession and did what most business students do, saw a profitable opportunity and exploit her classmates demand.  She started RaneeC which is a fabulous and affordable tights company with super cute designs.  I highly recommend her, I have a couple pairs of her tights and they're fantastic.  Whether you shop RaneeC or not, patterned tights are the place to be.  But hurry!  The weather is warming up and these tights won't be in season much longer :(  Until then, I'm rocking them under skirts, dresses, and shorts alike.  I can't get enough of them!!

(my roommate and I before the Ke$ha concert!)

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