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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Retail Management is amazing.  I am learning so much about retail strategy and this has really solidified my interest in going into retail after college.  Negotiations has already taught me that law is definitely an option.  I can seamlessly switch between aggressor and mediator.  I really love that class, particularly that it only meets once a week.  Strategic Problem Solving is....interesting.  It is a required course that I was moderately intrigued by, and it turns out that my professor is apparently famous in the consulting world and blogs for Forbes.  Pretty cool.  It's a lot of case reading which I'm not so thrilled about, but we have some pretty interesting discussions.  My Fundamentals of Acting and Improvisation class is hysterical, and awkward.  My professor is my cousin Leah's doppelganger, I was peer-pressured by my best friend to take this class, my ex-boyfriend makes public digs at our former relationship, and there are some incredibly awkward exercises during class.  But, it's amazingly fun.

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