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Friday, August 12, 2011

What I'm Wearing

The perfect summer day and finally having a semi-decent tan (for the first time in my life) called for the perfect beige sun dress.  Short and lightweight, it is a sure way to stay cool.  I threw on a light chambray shirt, that looks good over everything and added my favorite waist cinching belt to complete the look.  My nude wedges went perfectly with this outfit and I never have the guts to wear them.  They're so tall I feel like I'm going to simply fall over at every step, and usually I do fall frequently in them.  Confession:  as soon as this picture was taken, I kicked them off and continued to go barefoot the rest of the day.  But man, do they make my short stumpy legs looks long and thin or what!?  (Please don't say "or what")

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