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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Final Internship Update!

This summer boiled down to nine weeks.  The nine weeks that I held the position of Communications Intern at Culver Academies.  Nine weeks, five days a week, eight hours a day.  It seems like an endless amount of time, but it flashed by in a hurry.  As I was packing up my desk and tying my loose ends, I looked through my documents folder and marveled at all I had accomplished.  From the first day I utilized my passion for Photoshop by creating a flyer looking for a new Assistant Soccer Coach and edited a picture portraying graduation that made the front page of the website (my first day at work!)  I brainstormed ideas for Culver’s Brand Management and pictures for the next Admissions video.  I edited the Graduation DVD and a letter going out to all new parents.  I wrote articles about the summer camp, Harkness method of teaching, and AP classes.  I went through Culver’s MASSIVE website and found pictures and Search Engine Optimization keywords and descriptions for every single page.  I researched luxury clothing brands and the possibility to collaborate with Culver for a high-end line for parents gear.  I created and updated the CGA 40th Anniversary Facebook page to celebrate and gather excitement for my alma matter turning 40.  I wrote an orientation guide because next week my sister joins the Culver family as the winter Communications Intern (for the first time in her life, she’ll be “Mary’s sister” instead of me being “Katie’s sister,” I’m absolutely stoked).  Since Katie never went to Culver and only visited me a few times, there were certain things that Katie needs to do and witness in order to get a real Culver Experience.  The three things I am most proud of is writing business plans and presentations for a new Admissions presentation, Social Media Initiatives, and TOMS shoes to be a part of the Culver Girls Academy wardrobe.  Each exercise and task taught me something new about Culver as a school, Culver as a business, and Culver as people.  I truly enjoyed my time working within an amazing, dynamic team and hope to return “home” soon.  Even though I am a Business major, the most important lesson I learned is that Communications and Public Relations is vital to every industry and is particularly intertwined with business.

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