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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Matchbook Magazine

Have you ever found something that is so exactly you to a T?  I found that in a magazine.  Matchbook Magazine is a brand new online magazine (their first issue was February 2011) that boasts 150 pages of amazingness.  The magazine revolves around "The Matchbook Girl" with different attributes described in every issue, like "throws a lavish lawn party, seriously excels at bocce ball, wears polka dots in Paris, mixes cocktails with panache" and "vacations the month of August."  The stories feature different designers whether it is Rebecca Minkoff or an up-and-coming interior designer.

Each issue includes a datebook (complete with Amelia Earhart's first flight and Jackie Kennedy-Onassis's birthday), Wish Lists from the Editors, "What's In Your Bag?" (this month:  Coco Chanel) and Just Married (complete with perfectly preppy and posh details of location and dress designer).

There is a History Lesson section with a brief biography of a proper Matchbook lady (Katherine Hepburn, Ella Fitzgerald, Dorthy Parker, Harper Lee), 10 Things You Didn't Know About (Princess Margaret, Truman Capote, Yves Saint Laurent), and Encyclopedia (The Convertible, Fireworks).

In the Fashion and Beauty section there is the Icon (the striped shirt), Kindred Spirit (Frida Kahlo and her home, medicine cabinet, wardrobe, etc), and the Beauty Counter (picking the correct red lipstick).

Culture and Living includes a Recommended Reading list, a techie gadgets wishlist, recipes, "50 Classics" (coffee table books, office supplies, green products), and "Matchbook Investigates" (asking assorted bloggers questions).

The Features portion includes a variety of different stories.  Articles on designers, both up and coming and already famous.  Designers of homes, jewelry, clothes, bags, make up and everything else you could possibly think of.

I love absolutely everything about Matchbook, but there are certain things that stick out.  Matchbook is new. It is fresh and evolving.  Constantly changing but always consistent.  It is preppy and girly, high-class and down to earth, proper but not too prim.  It is essentially, everything I aspire to be.  The advertisements are a mixture of already-adored brands like Lily Pulitzer and Coach to small boutiques like Southern Proper and Rikshaw Designs.  I also love that every advertisement and product they feature are linked.  So if I fall in love with those 14K Gold Fleur De Lis Earrings on page 16, I can just click on them and it takes me straight to their Amazon.com page to buy them.  It's amazing.

I am a Matchbook Girl, through and through and am officially obsessed with their fantastic magazine.

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