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Monday, May 14, 2012

Dream Internship: Day 1

Yesterday was my first day as an Experience Intern at Gemvara (aka dream job)! Gemvara is an online custom jewelry company. You can log on the website and pick your favorite style of any piece of jewelry then customize the metal and gemstones. Each piece is made to order (business school- supply chain fantasy) and hand-crafted just for you. It's a very cool business model and I am super excited to be working hands on a start up that is having such exponential growth. As an Experience Intern, I am working primarily with social media and how people "experience" the brand. Today, I came into the office and got to work on content and different things Gemvara should post about (if you have any idea, please let me know!!), managed the Pintrest account and created a board for Graduation Gifts, and brainstormed ideas to make Gemvara's Twitter more robust by increasing followers and engagement with the followers. So far it's been a really cool experience and I am excited to continue on and keep updating you on what's going on!

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