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Monday, May 21, 2012

Gemvara Internship: Day 5

Friday was the final day in my first week at Gemvara and it went really well. I had a break through with the theme I've been working on, we finally got back into Pinterest after being locked out for 3 days, and we're continuing to get increased amounts of followers on Twitter. I had my leftover Chinese food and steamed green beans for lunch, and it was quite kick ass if I do say so myself.

But the most exciting thing about Friday was my very first Gemvention. This is a Gemvara weekly tradition where we stop work at 2, push all of our desks together, and work on a project that we wouldn't normally have a chance to work on that is just a little something extra of awesome. A couple weeks ago, one of the guys made a Gemvention ring that they actually ordered for the whole team. And this week the same guy worked on an iPhone case with the Gemvara logo and a gemstone insert with all different colors. Hopefully they order that too because I would totally use one. My project this week at Gemvention was making jpegs of Gem Facts, one of the themes I've been working on. They turned it really well and everyone else really liked it too. I was pleased.

Unfortunately, Gemvention ran a bit long and I missed my 510 train back to campus, so I took the 6pm one that got me back at 7. Since I biked to the train in the morning it wasn't a big deal, although since it was uphill, I seriously thought I was going to die. But I made it back, watched the Greys Anatomy season finale (omfg!!!) and went over to Christy's for a movie and dinner. Friday is chalked up as a success. :)

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