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Friday, May 18, 2012

Gemvara Internship: Day 4

Wednesday night, I participated in a research study for sleep apnea which was interesting. They hooked me up to a bunch of different monitors and basically just monitored me sleeping. It was kind of cool actually because I had my own room with a tv and on demand and they put me to bed at 10pm so I got some much needed sleep. :) The worst part about it was definitely having to sleep on my back the whole night.

Yesterday at work I worked primarily on the blog. My first post was on the Cannes Film Festival which started on Wednesday. The piece talks about Marilyn Monroe as the figurehead of this year's festival and the unpublished photos of her that will be showcased during the festival and then tour worldwide afterwards. More stunningly, the festival's sponsor Brochard designed a jewelry set inspired by Marilyn featuring over 200 diamond carats. The bearer was kept secret until the opening ceremony Wednesday night. For more read the blog! Blog.gemvara.com

Then I worked on some posts for #gemfacts our new theme initiative featuring weird and interesting facts about the gemstones and metals that we use in our pieces. #gemfacts will start next week with our introduction of Alexandrite.

On the fun side of things, I usurped the yoga ball belonging to the girl across from me to sit on. It's a lot more fun to sit/bounce on and it's supposed to help build core muscles and better posture. The office is also currently obsessed with juggling and we got some juggling balls in the mail so everyone was learning. It was also the judgement day for the office-wide beard growing contest. The winner had a 13 mm long beard after one month of growing it out. The Experience Team (which I am a part of) went out to lunch because one of the graphic designers is leaving today to move out west. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with tomato, lettuce, pesto, and asiago cheese. All of my favorite things. With a side of gazpacho. Also my favorite. It was absolutely incredible. I was so pleased. :)

I'll have to say that one of my favorite parts of Gemvara is the kitchen. I know it's silly but they keep it fully stocked with snacks and pop and a crazy awesome selection of tea. Although I still depend on my Orange Peoke every morning, when I get to the office I drink filter water, Hibiscus Pomegranate tea, Jasmine green tea, and one Dr. Pepper. Deliciousness. They also conveniently stock my favorite rice crispy treat bar: double chocolately chunk. Yummmm. :) I also thoroughly enjoy the casual but cute/trendy dress code and the popularity to sit on the ground. I'm just a fan of the culture overall. I couldn't be happier.

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