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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Party Purse

I am constantly on the watch for the perfect party purse.  My criteria are: black, slim and small, must have a short shoulder strap.  I have these criteria because black matches everything, particularly since most of my party-wear is black.  I don’t want to tote some huge bag around teeny college hallways, but at the same time it must be able to fit all of my stuff.  My can’t go to parties without list includes: phone, keys and onecard, state ID, credit card, insurance card (just in case!), lip gloss, and depending on where I’m going and what they’re serving a waterbottle.  Now, I think the shoulder strap is most important.  I am not the best at keeping track of my stuff, so I like having something I can swing over my shoulder and be done with.  With a clutch, I’d set it down instantly and everything would be gone.  A wristlet can bump into my cup and clumsy me will spill it all over my dress.  And a crossboy would get in the way of dancing, not to mention terribly easy to pick-pocket.  And thus, the perfectly slim but roomy black should strap purse emerges ahead of all other handbags.  The delima?  I’m too frugal to spend $200+ on a tiny bag and too snobby to buy something a Target.  And thus, I’m stuck.  However, if I could bring myself to pay a whopping $325, I would buy this Tory Burch.

This purse is classic and could never go out of style, however I still can’t imagine blow a week’s paycheck on that teensy amount of leather.

Highlight: Getting excited about seeing Taking Back Sunday tomorrow night at House of Blues
Lowlight: It's raining, and that just makes me crankyyy.
Wearing: ModCloth grey pencil skirt, Express v-neck tshirt, Zara coral cardigan, Steve Madden black flats.
Recent Purchase: Lacoste coral polo shirt
Wanted: Dooney and Bourke Blended Shadow Barrel Satchel in Black (pic below)


  1. 1)dude. do what all the other college kids do. only bring kids (keys, ids) and money, and cell phone. shove all in pockets and/or bra. TADA
    2)I JUST BOUGHT A NEW DOONEY! however. its bright colored and a large tassel bag that originally costs %186, and i got for $103.
    3)tbs is legit live. just so you know.
    4) just saying, when i get my next paycheck with will be approximately 500 dollars of PURE GRAVY, im going to go to forever 21 and buy oodles of cheap cute clothes, and i'm going to be wondering how you must buy everything so expensive... hahah


  2. 1. what if im not wearing either? huh? what then? lol.
    2.cuteeeee i was looking at the yellow or orange of the satchel but i thought it might not match stuff. idkkk
    3. yay!! im so stoked, although i cant decide between my turquoise or white torn jeans. decisions decisions :/
    4. dont be so sure about that, because IL is STUPIDDDDDDD and has lk 135748743121 taxes a $500 paycheck turns into $31 majorly sucks man.