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Monday, June 14, 2010

Confessions of a Shoe-holic.

My sisters and I have always been obsessive about buying.  The oldest always bought music, CDs, posters.  The middle sister had more shoes than Imelda Marcos.  As for me, makeup and clothes.  That's all I ever wanted.  I remember one year for Christmas all I received were boxes and boxes of clothes.  I was in heaven.  But lately, my sisters and I have begun to mesh.  The oldest and middle are now more fashionable and trendy in their clothes buying summer scarves and cardigans before me.  And I have gone to more concerts in the last 6 months than I have in my whole life.  But most obsessive, I've switched (almost) completely from clothes to shoes.  Although Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus has the pretty designers that I like to fawn over (*sigh*Jeffrey Cambell), I feel they're overpriced for what they are, tiny little accessories.  I prefer Bakers.  The service is great, the shoes are 90% under $100 and always up to date on trends.  Not to mention the B Card, which works like a CVS card point system plus offers 10-40% on every purchase (the only downside is it's $25 to join).  This past weekend, against my better judgement and promise to myself that I'd go to the mall and not spend any money (yeah, right) I couldn't resist but being pulled into Bakers and before I know it, I'm widdling 10 pairs to just 2 (they were having a buy one get one 25% off sale!)  In the end, I felt victorious walking out with two pairs of hott shoes for just $52 (impressive, even for me).  Taupe suede caged booties (with a 5" stiletto heel) and a long overdue flat sandal, pewter and sequin with a pretty, curvy design on the top.  Both perfectly match the grey and floral-skirted strapless dress I scored from Gilly Hicks for $20.

Another stunning shoe-holic detail of my life, my beautiful, caring boyfriend.  This stunning young man landed an internship at none other but Sperry Top Sider *swoon*.  I have been unable to convince myself to wear my pair of American Originals in Electric Blue since I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle in them two summers ago. I'm convinced they're cursed and simply cannot bring myself to wearing them, even though they're delicious.  Anyways, this darling boy has leaked me the fall look book and as much as I would LOVE to gossip about how great and exciting it is and exactly what I plan on buying, I cannot.  He would have a hernia, convinced he will be fired if anything gets out.  But still, between the sales and his employee discount I plan on racking up the Sperrys for a dime a dozen and my feet will look FABULOUS.  This week I snagged the Bahama in Green Seersucker.  Adorable under jeans or shorts and perfect for those long nature hikes my boyfriend and his athletic family take me on (I'm huffing and puffing just thinking about it! :] ) But I simply cannot wait until these come in for mee.  I will be one happy, comfy fashionista. :]

Highlight: Not falling while wearing my new heels ALL DAY (including a hilly walk across campus)
Lowlight: My loaf of bread that I use for my sandwiches is all moldy :[
Wearing: Grey scoop neck Refuge tunic, H&M knee length black peasant skirt, Bakers Taupe caged booties.
Recent Purchase: Strapless dress and panties from Gilly Hicks, and two pairs of Bakers shoes.
Wanted: A navy blue romper that the bf talked me out of at Gilly Hicks.

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