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Thursday, June 10, 2010

i got the fever for fever!

Today I stumbled upon (sadly not stumbleupon, regular web surfing) and discovered the fall preview of Fever shoes.  This is the holy grail.  I have died and gone to heaven with these shoes.  Beautiful, inexpensive, and so delicious I could eat them up in one shopping trip.  There's Grace, Tiff, Amanda, Said, and Catorrah.  Beautiful artworks that I want on my feet.  Right now.  I don't want to wait.

The designer is Natischa Harvey, and she's fairly new and has experience in mostly decked out sneakers, but I'm excited in this line and what Natischa will think of next.  For now, you can browse her look book here

My first buy?  Tiff (black)
Second- Amanda
Third- Said
Possibly Grace if I feel up for it.

Huge heels are all the rage as run past the usual 3-4inches and leap into dangerous 6-7inches.  Manolo Blahnik has never gone past 5inches, but this season he added a 6inch and it has accounted for 30% of his business! Christian Louboutin plans on introducing an 8inch heel next season.  RIDICULOUS! 

Highlight: Finishing a week-long clean and organization of Babson's design studio (aka a business art room).
Lowlight: Drinking a buttload of caffeine and now not being able to fall asleep.
Wearing: Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans, American Eagle backless printed shirt, Brooks Brothers light blue cardigan, Rampage embellished flip flops
Recent Purchase: I am currently awaiting my latest purchase of GillyHicks, due to arrive at any moment.  In this glorious package contains my first ever romper (pink tank top with a plaid short), a wonderful old fashioned button up sleep shirt (unfortunately they were out of blue so I had to get pink), a new bra, and sleep shorts in green/grey stripes.  *sigh* I can't wait.
Wanted: Happy Go Lucky sleep mask from Fredflare.com after my favorite Audry Hepburn movie, Breakfast at Tiffanys.

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