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Friday, April 8, 2011

I Just Can't Decide...

Lately, there have been a million blog posts, fashion editorials, and runaway shows that display socks and heels/sandals.  Ever since I was born the number one rule of fashion: never wear socks and sandals.  It's the ultimate faux paux in the fashion world.  But as we know, the rules of fashion were meant to be broken.  I've been on the fence about this style since it became a trend in the middle of last year, and have yet to be daring enough to try it.  What about you?  Would you try this fashion mishap turned super polished trend?  My idol Leighton Meester tried it:

and it looks absolutely ladylike and adorable here:

If only I could find the guts to try this out.  Who knows, maybe I'll be sporting it tomorrow!

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