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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Easing Back Into College

Today is the day my life begins.  Or at least, that's what I told myself this morning when I got up.  Today is the first day of classes in my Sophomore year of college.  I've been really excited about this year because I feel like I'm starting completely over.  I have matured over the past year, I have found my best friend who seems to be running on the same wavelength, I have worked on my tolerance and have been working on the filter between my mouth and my brain.  Also, I am single.  And not just my typical "single, but searching for a new boy"  over the summer I learned how to be comfortable with myself and how to be happy and content alone.  Most importantly, I have remembered how fun it is to play with boys.  The excitement and fun of someone new WITHOUT the commitment.  That's what I want this year.  Fun.  No commitment.  Excitement.  That's what my Sophomore year will do for me.  And as the Self Proclaimed Party Captain (my official title) I am quite confident that I will be able to achieve that.

And of course it helps that the five classes I'm taking this semester I am genuinely interested in them.  The lineup: Business Statistics, Media Studies, Marketing, Microeconomics, and Finance.  I know.  I am such a business nerd.  But I adore it. :]  Today I eased back into college and only had one class, Media Studies.  In typical first day of class fashion, we went around the room saying our name, where we're from, and our favorite medium of the media.  I quickly decided upon txting as my favorite, only to find out that our first assignment is to not use that medium for as long as we can, then write a paper about it.  I cracked in hour 3.  I'm just not made out for something like that.  However, this past weekend I flew home for a wedding and forgot my cell charger and spent Thursday night, Friday, and most of Saturday without a charger until I finally bullied my father into taking me to get one.  So I think most of my paper will draw from that traumatizing experience.

Since I flew home for a wedding Thursday night and the Freshmen arrived Friday morning I did unfortunately miss Orientation Weekend aka best parties all year.  And to make matters worse, Monday morning the naive women from Campus Life had facilities empty all the Greek Row garbage out and were shocked with the amount of red Solo cups, Natty Ice cans, and handles in the garbage. DUH!  IT'S ORIENTATION WEEKEND!  Seriously?  These women need to grow up and figure out that it's the biggest party week all year at EVERY SCHOOL!  So Monday afternoon there was an emergency meeting and now there are to be no Greek parties until further notice.  Epic Fail.  So everyone has been forced out of the typical frat parties and must get more creative with their partying.  But, college students party.  They were parting 50 years ago and 100 years ago just the same as we party now.  And I still can't understand why they're so shocked.

Happy first day of classes!!

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