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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grab Your Bag!

The morning of July 4th I was lounging in bed watching Desperate Housewives when my phone buzzed with an email.  It was from one of my favorite stores, ModCloth.com.  I found ModCloth the same way I look for future husbands *hehe*.  On Inc.com Top 30 under 30, that is Top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.  Last year Susan and Eric Koger made the list for combining Susan’s love for thrift stores and vintage clothing with her boyfriend (now husband’s) computer website skills, and *poof* ModCloth.com appeared!

Anyways, ModCloth sent a txt to everyone on their text-mailing list giving them a one-hour heads up about the 4th of July grab bag that would appear on the site.  For $20 you would get between $90-$150 worth of non-sized stuff.  Within minutes of being released, it sold out.  I was lucky enough to score one. J  So yesterday I sauntered down to the post office and picked up my package and opened it excitedly.  There was a burgundy ModCloth tote than contained:  two headbands, two necklaces, a pair of earrings, some nonprescription eyeglasses, and a ModCloth sticker.

Headband 1: Beret vs. 1930’s meets sequins.
This black sequin headband is something I would never actually buy, however I’m glad it was in my bag, it’s much cuter than I would have expected and will be key in my inspiration for a Halloween costume  this year.

Headband 2: Motorcycling Indians?
This simple black headband was turned wild with a bow made of matching black feathers, and attached to the bow is several strands of black suede in varying lengths each decorated with black feathers and gold studs.  I don't know if I'm really a fan of this as is, it's just a little to wild and out there.  I'm thinking about cutting off the extra strands, or at the very least shortening them so they're not longer than my hair.  I think that would make it look a lot better.

Necklace 1:  Dog-Gone-Elegant
I really like this necklace because I am the biggest dog lover everrr and miss my Scooter very much.  This is a gold necklace on a delicate chain with a very small (half an inch long) dog bone.  Most of my jewelry is silver, but I've tried to start expanding my gold collection.  This is a perfect verstile gold necklace that it perfect for my small, delicate features.

Necklace 2:  Graduation on a Chain
This is a far more....whimsical necklace than the last.  Attached to a very long thick gold link chain is a 8-inch royal blue tassel.  Thicker than your typical graduation cap tassel, but the resemblance is uncanny.  I'm not sure what I would wear this with, but it certainly will draw some looks.

Earrings:  Badass Dreamcatchers
These earrings remind me of a small black dream catcher.  1-inch diamter hoops are updated with black suade and hanging from the bottom are several 2-inch black suade fringe with gold studs, much like the motorcycle headband except no feathers and farrrrr less extreme.  I really like these earrings.  They scream "badass" without crossing the line into "wtf?"

Eyeglasses:  Tropical Geek

I've been wanting to get a new pair of glasses for a while, really big geeky glasses that truly fit my big, nerdy personality.  These are a funky spin off of exactly what I wanted.  Thick white plastic frames with tropical tree designs on top and a gold stripe in each upper corner.  So funky.  So funny.  How can you not love these frames!?!?  (If only I could convince my parents/eyedoctor to replace the plastic lens with perscription!)

Each of these pieces are divine and perfectly ModCloth.  They each have their own look and style and are all major conversation starters, suitable for any party a fashionista may attend.  And all this for $20.  I'd call it a win! :)

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