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Sunday, September 26, 2010

We've been in school?

It's hard to believe that I'm in the middle of week three of my sophomore year.  Just last night I was trying to remember how I met someone and three weeks feel sooooo long ago.  So much has happened.  I feel like I am a completely different person than when I ended my summer.  Well, I am kind of a completely different person due to three new holes in my body, style that has made a 180degree turn from preppy to hipster, and 12 hours of volunteer work at the Life Is Good festival.  I almost feel like a *shudder* Democrat.  Let's start from the beginning.

I have finally embraced the idea of "college" and my new motto is "if I don't do it now, I'll never do it."  This is the reason that two Sunday's ago I went into Boston and got my nose pierced as well as getting a second piercing in both ears.  Actually, it's quite a long, WTF story, so I'll indulge.  Sunday morning started with my two girlfriends, Christy and Chrissy (I know, confusing) wanting to spend a couple hours at the mall so I could get a new straightener (ghd Green Envy 1 inch).  So we get dressed and go down to meet the shuttle to take us to the mall.  However, it never shows up.  It finally shows up 30 minutes late, but instead of going to the mall it's going to the local T station.  We decide to just go to Newbury Street for shopping but Chrissy backs out to play field hockey.  An hour later Christy and I make it into Boston, first stop Urban Outfitters.  After spending an hour and wayyy to much money we go to check out and Christy's card gets declined.  Apparently her bank thought her card was stolen because she had just started using it frequently and cancelled it.  I swipe for her and decide our next stop will be her bank to get this all straightened out.  Unfortunately we walk 1.5miles to the nearest bank before we realize it's Sunday and the banks are closed.  At that point we jumped to plan b, getting our ears pierced.  We each have one piercing in our ears and had been talking about getting more.  We each wanted a second hole in each ear, Christy wanted to get her cartiledge and I've wanted to get my nose pierced for a couple years now.  We finally track down a tattoo place that does piercings and get on the T to go there.  But, while we're on the T, it breaks down and goes out of commssion and we have to walk the last mile to the place.  Everything goes smoothly getting the holes and we get on a T to Chinatown to meet our friend Mike for dinner.  At some point during the ride some idiot chick drops something and leans down to pick it up as the T barrels past AND HITS THIS GIRL IN THE HEAD.  Now we're delayed even more and over an hour late for dinner.  By the time we get to Chinatown and the restaurant it's 8pm so there wasn't a wait at the New Golden Gate but that didn't stop them from seating the 4 Chinese families that came in after us before we got seated.  After waiting for 20 minutes we leave even more pissed off and hungry than before.  Luckily we get back to Wellesley just fine and decide to pick up some KFC, no harm right?  WRONG.  Due to some GPS errors it sends up the wrong way up a ramp to the highway and once we get to KFC it's closed for good.  Not even a KFC emblem on the door.  At this point we decide to just go back to campus, get Dominos delivered and try to make our night better.  Which, it did, but the rest is not really blog-appropriate. :)

In the days after that I auditioned for the Fall Play.  Moon Over Buffalo, I auditioned for the role of Eileen the young, attractive actress who wants to be a star, sleeps with the boss of the theatre company and is now having his baby.  I thought I could do an amazing job at the role but alas, the director thought my roommate/best friend Christy could do a better job (she IS an actual movie star, taking one of the lead roles in the movie Crush(ed)).  And in reality, if I couldn't get the part, I'm glad Christy got it, since she's pretty much my duplicate.  I am not letting the man get me down since this week I am auditioning for the second fall play, The Shape of Things.  *fingers crossed* I'll let you know how it turns out.

This past weekend was full of fun and excitement.  Firstly, Friday night my roommate and I decided to cool out and just watch tv with "the boys" we also baked them cupcakes and had a ton of fun decorating them.

Saturday night Christy and I had our first double date (the convience of seeing Christy's boyfriend's best friend!) and we ventured an hour away to Ipswich, MA, home of The Clambox.  The Clambox is a family favorite of mine considering they do two things:  seafood and deep fried.  It's pretty amazing.  Having three of your favorite people in the car for a small roadtrip and awesome food is a recipe for a grade A good time.  Plus, we got some pretty ah-dorable pictures.

Sunday morning started early since I volunteered at the Life is Good festival in Canton, MA.  My friend Sara and I signed up over the summer because we could stay the whole day to see OkGo (my choice) and Jason Mraz (Sara's OBSESSION).  After six hours of playing Tug-of-War and my hands being completely torn up and blistered, I took a nap in the most inconvienent spot possible while holding spots for us to see Jason Mraz, I finally woke up and enjoyed the concert.

Monday through Thursday is an absolute blur between attempting to stay awake through boring common sense classes and running from meeting to meeting.  At Babson you work hard, you play hard. That’s life.

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