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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Fabulous!

A couple months ago via Facebook ads, I discovered JustFabulous.com.  This site is a member-only shoe/bag-of-the-month club.  How is works is simple.  Sign up (you have to give your credit card information up front, which made me uneasy but I figured I’d contest the charges if there were any, but they’re weren’t, no worries) and you take a short survey about what kind of styles and shoes you like, then each month they give you 6 different shoes and 6 different bags that they think you’ll like.  You can order as many as you want, each for $39.95 + free shipping or if you don’t like the styles you can request new options.  If you still don’t like these, you can opt to “Skip this Month” which lets them know that you won’t be making a purchase.  If you decide later on that you do want to buy a pair but you’ve already hit Skip, no worries, you can still buy them.  The only catch is that if you forget about the site and don’t buy OR Skip every month for six months, then they’ll charge you $39.95 but credit your account, so really they’re just forcing you to buy shoes.  But you CAN skip every month charge-free.  This is my third month being on JustFabulous, and I just received my first pair of shoes.

They are the cutest wedges I’ve ever seen.  I really wanted a nude wedge like Steve Madden’s Fever
 (but sold out everywhere L) and this one is very similar.  Securely strapped in, and hosts a cute cut-out design on the front strap with a 5-inch cork-ish heel.  Although a little steep, they’re easy to walk in.  The thick straps really help make the shoe feel stable.  After walking cross-campus several times the balls  of my feet were hurting and I now have blisters L but with a little more breaking-in time they should be fine.  For $39.95 the shoes were a great buy and I’m glad I joined JustFabulous.  Plus, even if I hated the shoes there’s free exchanges (for a different pair of shoes or store credit) or refunds (minus a $5 restock fee), so you really can’t go wrong!  The selections can be hit and miss, but it really depends on what you like.  I encourage every shoe-crazed fashionista to sign up. J


  1. Hey Mary, Cute shoes! I have never heard of JustFabulous before- I have had a subscription to ShoeDazzle for over a year now, which is run by Kim Kardashian; it sounds like exactly the same thing as ShoeDazzle- there is also a shoe of the month club called ShoeFab if you want to check them out too. I am pretty sure that ShoeDazzle started the whole shoe club craze, and they do not charge a restocking fee as far as I know and they do not charge you if you skip however many months in a row. I found that they can be either hit or miss with the shoes you get from these sites, but yours look really cute- and it is only $40 so how can you go wrong!

  2. Thanks! ShoeFab is Just Fabulous, but they added bags, so they had to change the name. lol. I read your post on ShoeDazzle and between that and Facebook I signed up for that one as well. I've only been there for a month but they have pretty cute stuff! :]