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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Possible Pooch?

In November, my family lost our very loved dog to cancer.

Now Scooter is an only dog and is a little nutty. Our family is considering adopting another rescued pitbull because so many need a good home. We've been casually looking online and went to the humane society last week and found Posey. She was as cute as could be and all white. Yesterday, we took Scooter over to visit and see how he did with her. This results were less than ideal. But while we were there, we looked at another female pitty named Lena. She was mostly white with black freckles and a brindle-colored butt. She was adorable. She and Scooter got along pretty well and she was very low-key and attention-whore-ish which goes along with our family. On Thursday we are going back to the humane society to look at Lena again and see if Scooter is still okay. Hopefully we will be able to take her home for a "trial weekend" which we did with Sadie (she never went back). My parents are unsure if they want to take her this weekend, but it's my last weekend home and I'm another body to help out with the assimilation. Plus Scooter is my dog and will most likely fall into a slight depression when I leave (who else will let him sleep on the bed all day and make him sunny-side up eggs for breakfast every morning?). So I am pulling for this weekend. Below are some pictures of Sadie, Posey, and Lena. What do you think?

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