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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is how it starts.

I love money. Making it, spending it, anything but saving it. I am an anti-procrastinating. every-day-is-a-rainy-day kinda girl, and therefore see no reason to really save. My parents couldn't disagree more. But I have hobbies. They consist of puzzle games and shopping. That's how I spend most of my life. But my life, it revolves around money. I work as many hours as I can, to fatten up my bi-weekly paycheck as much as I can. I go to school, a business school, one of the best business schools, so I can enter into a high salary with promotions and bonuses job immediately after graduation. Most of the things I do in life, revolve around money. That's just the way life is, or at least my life.

My life.
Should I explain a little?
I grew up in Olympia Fields, IL. I have mom and dad,
two older sisters, two adorable dogs. Scooter is my dog (Sadie is my sister's). He's a 7 year old golden lab/pitbullishnotreally mix. He's a mutt. He's also a headcase. He's allergic to beef, and cheese, and peanut butter. He gets an abnormal amount of beestings, typically in his eye. He's afraid of thunderstorms, boxes, the vaccum, and the older bigger pitbul Sadie. He thinks he's a hunter. Scooter is my dog. When I'm home, he follows me around. He sleeps on my bed, he listens to me, and I'm the only one he cuddles with. He also just like me. I'm a bit of a headcase, and used to be allergic to diary, nuts, and fish (luckily I grew out of the allergies and now loveee all of the aboveee). Scooter and I, we're two peas in an electic blanketed pod.Another importantt aspect of me, I have never and will never go to a public school. I cringe at the sight of non-uniformed uncaring students. I went to Infant Jesus of Prague Grammar school, followed by two years at Marian Catholic High School, two years at Culver Academies, and just finished my freshman year at Babson College.
I have friends here and there, most of them are named Tess or Katie, sometimes Sarah and Christy. I also revolve around them. Although I have a habit of forgetting to call back, I'd bend over backwards for them. Of course, there's a boyfriend; there's always a boyfriend, my utter fear of lonlieness prevents the whole-single weirdness. His name's Dan. He's goofy and has the ultimate blonde jewfro. It's adorable. I've noticed that I'm better with guys than girls. I always have 1-2 girls that are the bees kness to me, but I find it's just much easier to have guy friends. No grudges, no drama. It's pretty awesome.
Anything else about my life? I'm accident prone. I've sprained my ankle numerous times and broken it once from falling down stairs. Funny thing is, it's always been in gym shoes. I'm much better at heels. I dislike any physical activity. I don't work out, sometimes I do yoga, I used to be a fencer. I hold the best in the midwest title, the trophies to prove it, no big deal. :] You should also probably know that sometimes, I have an ego problem, that my ego is sometimes too big, really too big.

Anywayssss, I'm not really sure what this blog is for just yet. I think it will mark my sophomore year at the top business school in the US. Probably about my purchases. Definitely about what I want.

Highlight: Finishing all previous Grey's Anantomy episodes Seasons 1-6, so I'll be up-to-date and can start watching it on TV
Lowlight: Packinggg, this usually excites me, but I have too much stuff to pack, I've already filled 3 1/2 48GALLON bins, and I've only done the clothes in my closet, one set of drawers, and my books. Yet to come: bookshelf nickknacks, pictures, wall hangings, shoes, desk, and under my bed. YIKES!
Wearing: Madden flats, favorite Hollister kahkis, green JCrew sweater, grey Northface, black glasses.
Recent Purchase: Longchamp Large Tote in Billberry.
Wanted: Golf Cart.

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