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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If Money Were No Object...

I would want these shoes.  These are Jeffrey Campbell XXL, modeled after Jeffrey Campbell's Clinic shoes, sold out pretty much everywhere.  These daring shoes mix different textures (leather, silk, velvet) and fun patterns.  The heel is the same as the Clinics with the mirrors attached to the heel, which 1.is freaking cool and 2. gives it the look of a closed stiletto at first glance.  I also really the the heel where it dips in to touch the sole in the back.  So interesting.  I am OBSESSED with all things Jeffrey Campbell, he's so stylish and funky and off the edge.  Just like me.  But most of all, I love Jeffrey because instead of all these stupid designers that make skyscraper heels (which I adore) with tiny tiny heels (it's hard enough to walk flat footed, now you want me to balance on a toothpick???) Jeffrey makes 99% of his shoes with either a thick, chunky heel or a wedge.  Easy Peasy!

Jeffrey Campbell XXL- $215

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